Destination Marketing

Co-Branding Action Chile and Shopping Centers in Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro

Develop a co-branding action in partnership with a commercial establishment, focusing on classes A and B with high purchasing potential, and promoting the destination through a promotional action. Main objectives: increase the brand awareness, stimulate the desire to travel to the destination and deepen consumer engagement with the Chilean brand.
Imaginadora has developed a partnership with two of the most important luxury malls in Brazil (one in Rio de Janeiro and one in São Paulo). It was a special action for Father's Day, and in the promotion participants who made purchases of a certain amount in stores in these malls would have the opportunity to participate in a cultural contest to win trips to Chile. The winning participant could choose the itinerary! In total, there were 8 complete trips with a companion to Patagonia, Atacama Desert, Lake Region, and Santiago.
As it was a co-branding action, the malls offered the entire promotional structure in the malls and exchange kiosks and helped to publicize the promotion; and Chile cooperated with travel award. The action was supported by the social media strategy for engaging with consumers.
The action directly impacted more than 15,000 consumers in the malls during the promotion period and more than 60,000 consumers on social networks.