Destination Marketing

Breathless Brand in Brazil Through DJ Alok 's Show

Breathless is an all-inclusive, adults-only resort brand that has entertainment among its main focus.

Breathless is an adults-only all-inclusive resort brand that has entertainment among its main focus. Our challenge was to strengthen the brand in the B2B and B2C markets, reaching end consumers, operators, and travel agencies, and increasing the number of nights spent at the hotel by 20%. In the B2B market, the main challenge was to train professionals in the trade and help them sell the product among the wide range of hotel and resort options available in Cancun. Regarding the B2C market, the objective was to attract potential travelers and engage them with the brand.

In a period when the Brazilian market faced several challenges such as the increase in the cost of diesel, the World Cup in Russia and the soaring dollar exchange rate, a dose of creativity was needed to attract Brazilian travelers for international leisure trips.

Thinking about the adult audience looking for entertainment trips, Imaginadora has partnered with Brazilian DJ Alok for an exclusive night of show for Breathless Riviera Cancun guests during the September 7th holiday.
Then a great challenge began!
The tools used for promotion and sale were:
  • Training focused on the brand, making the travel agent safer at the time of sale and reinforcing the resort's image
  • Press release for vehicles focused on arts, tourism, gastronomy, culture, and variety
  • Investment in social media campaigns focused on the public that identifies with DJ Alok and creation of an exclusive online page with information about the hotel and the show
  • Campaigns cooperated with the main Operators and Online Agencies (OTAs – Online Travel Agencies)
  • Creation of collateral materials to support trade actions: brochures, gifts, sunglasses, and promotional material


  • 950 travel agents and operators trained in 2 months of campaign
  • More than 1 million views on digital campaigns
  • Media return of over $250K
  • Brand recognition and increase in room occupancy from 10% to 62%, Brazilian guests only
  • General promotion significantly increased occupancy at Breathless during the show period and for future dates