Milk 16

In March 2021 Imaginadora delivered another LACTE. The 16th edition of the event was completely redesigned for a journey of more than three months that culminated in a hybrid event with the participation of more than 2,600 travel, event and corporate mobility professionals from different parts of Brazil and Latin America. That was Live Latin America Community for Travel & Events Experience – Transformative Power.

During the journey we had three online events, a 100% gamified virtual fair, an application in which people connected, played, and collaborated with each other throughout the period and closed with a three-day hybrid and multihub event, present in four locations with participants present in person and broadcast and interaction for those who watched online. A format designed that included two experiences with two scripts, two directions, two presenters so that each audience had the best experience possible. As a result, we had a record number of participants throughout the journey, and we also took an important step in the consolidation of ALAGEV in Latin America and once again delivered relevant and avant-garde content to the ALAGEV community.