Destination Marketing

Cooperative Trade Mission – Miami, New York, and American Airlines

The Miami Convention Bureau has been represented by Imaginadora in Brazil for 6 years, with actions focused on the tourism trade, reinforcing the message that the destination is much more than shopping and beaches. Since Miami and NYC are two of the most sought-after destinations by Brazilians, and American Airlines offers the highest number of direct flights to both destinations, there was a need to promote itineraries combined with free stop over,in which passengers going to Miami and stopping for a few days in New York wouldn't pay anything for that. Same for the script in the opposite direction stopping earlier in Miami.
A combined action of Miami and NYC destinations, in partnership with American Airlines to promote the free service stopover _ An incentive campaign was carried out with the 10 largest operators in São Paulo and the 5 largest operators in Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro to promote the sales of this combined package, with full trip to Miami and NYC for the operator with the best sales.
A roadshow that visited three Brazilian capitals (São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, and Rio de Janeiro) with events and training on how to sell destinations to local operators.
  • 4 events for Leisure and MICE operators
  • More than 300 professionals trained in destination sales
  • More than 100 operators had the opportunity to negotiate and interact with entrepreneurs from NYC and Miami during the 4 events