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Park To Planet And Infinity Falls – Reputation Event In São Paulo

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment 's mission of preserving the environment for over 50 years, in addition to presenting the news about the park. The event lasted an entire afternoon, full of educational activities, followed by a company presentation and cocktail, and was attended by 30 journalists and influencers.

The group participated in two workshops, one on unconventional food plants in an organic garden and the other on rainwater harvesting from a river source, both in São Paulo. Afterwards, in a restaurant that serves sustainable dishes, the group watched a presentation on projects to preserve Brazil’s forests made by We Forest – an organization that receives support from SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund.



Finally, the park presented the 2018 news, including Infinity Falls – an attraction that addresses the themes of tropical forests and water preservation, reinforcing the company’s mission to promote learning in the park through attractions that generate actions to help preserve the planet.
The event was a success that reflected not only the coverage generated by the invited influencers, but also the relationship created with them, in which an idea for the planet was presented that goes far beyond the brand and its products.