"Lugar incomum" in Chile

The program Lugar Incomum, broadcast by Multishow channel and presented by the talented Didi Wagner, has been exploring incredible places around the world for 15 years. But there was a region that was still outside of its itinerary: South America. And Chile was the place chosen to be the first South American destination to be in a season of Lugar Incomum. Imaginadora's public relations team, representing Sernatur (which is the acronym in Spanish for “Chile's National Tourism Service”), carried out all the content curation, script creation, took care of the logistics and organization of the trip to make this project a reality. There were 10 intense days of recording of desert destinations, beach, snow, lakes, cities…

The Multishow channel has an average audience of 2 million viewers per day and the season in Chile yielded 8 incredible episodes, including destinations in Parque Torres del Paine, Puerto Varas, Santiago, Valparaíso, Viña del Mar and Concón, San Pedro de Atacama, Valle del Elqui and Bahia Inglesa and Pan de Azúcar National Park. The whole content was also available on Globosat's streaming platforms. The Influencer Didi Wagner also made extensive coverage on her social networks and the project was featured in entertainment, television and tourism vehicles.